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The Sunrise Multicultural project is a registered Charity; we take a whole-family approach, aiming to empower children, young people and families to reach their full potential at home, at school and in employment. The majority of users are of Pakistani Muslim heritage. We strongly uphold the values of equality and diversity, and the rights of individuals to find their own way of understanding and accepting British values without losing their cultural identities.

Our core activities are:
Two Saturday clubs for children ages 5- 11, weekly Youth Group for children aged 11-14, two weekly youth club boys and girls separately aged 14-18, weekly boys football club, two weekly Ladies’ Drop-in. All activities are based in the most disadvantaged areas of Banbury. Sessions cover numerous topics to meet individual and local needs including English language, racism, drugs awareness, cyber safety, citizenship, cooking and healthy living. We bring together different communities in Banbury by joining together to celebrate cultural/religious festivals and organise regular outings for BAME families

We have a track record of 27 years and are currently funded by BBC Children in Need, Lloyds Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund – Reaching Communities.

Role Of Volunteers At The Sunrise Multicultural Project

At the Sunrise Multicultural project we value volunteers as they enhance the services that we offer to children and families. We value the time and energy people are prepared to give. Anyone can volunteer their talent, skills and experience. There isn’t a typical volunteer, people of every age, gender and cultural background are welcome. Volunteers can help with Saturday clubs or youth groups, ladies drop in’s, organising community events, administration or the general running of the project. Volunteers will work alongside staff that are at the project. Volunteers do not need prior knowledge or experience – support and training is provided for volunteers to gain confidence and satisfaction in their role. The volunteer coordinator will support you every step of the way.

We hope that you enjoy volunteering for the Sunrise Multicultural Project. This pack will explain how you will be managed and supported, what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you. Please ask if there is anything that you do not understand or wish to discuss.

Values And Principles

Equal Opportunities
The Sunrise Multicultural Project is committed to providing an inclusive environment in which people are treated fairly and with equality regardless of gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation

Policies and procedures
All staff and volunteers are required to follow the policies and procedures at the Sunrise Multicultural Project. These will be discussed as part of your induction process.

The Sunrise Multicultural Project wishes to provide a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment. To be able to do this everyone at the Sunrise Multicultural Project is expected to follow our policies and procedures at all times. It is totally unacceptable to:

  • Physically or verbally abuse someone.
  • Abuse the trust of people who use the Sunrise Multicultural Project.
  • Steal or deliberately damage property belonging to the Sunrise Multicultural Project.
  • Drink alcohol or smoke in the premises.
  • Pass on confidential information.

Health And Safety At The Sunrise Multicultural Project

It is very important that all staff, volunteers and users are satisfied that every effort is made to ensure their health and safety.

The Sunrise Multicultural Project is committed to comply with all health and safety policies and procedures.

The Sunrise Multicultural Project will take all reasonable steps to create a safe environment and will ensure safe working practices. All staff and volunteers will assist in the implementation of all health and safety policies and procedures (which will be covered in your induction). The Sunrise Multicultural Project manager is responsible to ensure that all those involved in the Project are aware of the relevant contents of the policy, a copy of which is available in Project’s office.

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Volunteer Application Form

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