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Ladies Drop-In

The ladies drop-in events are held at two locations in Banbury as seen below in the timetable.

Events include cooking classes, healthy living, one-to-one support services, benefits advice and a ladies only exercise class.

The Ladies’ Drop-in aims to provide opportunities for women from black and minority ethnic communities in Banbury to build confidence and skills to support social integration. The programme also aims to reach greater understanding of the different cultures making up British society. The ladies drop-in is for women from the BME and white British communities to share aspects of their own cultures.

The Ladies Drop-in aims to make a difference to lives of BAME women initially by providing a safe confidential space where each individual feels safe to share issues of domestic abuse. The project will cover the meaning of abuse, legal rights and focus on ESOL classes to result in improving basic skills. The peer support group will help build confidence, self esteem, improve mental health and help relieve stress and anxiety as the women realise they are not alone in their problems and there are ways that they can improve their safety and become more independent.

There are also opportunities to improve your English during the Ladies Drop-In.

Any one who feels the project would be useful to them should contact us.

Ladies Drop-In Timetable