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Boys Youth Group

The Boys Youth Group is funded by the Home Office, Building a Stronger Britain Together. The project will work with boys aged 14 to 18 from Pakistani Muslim heritage (PMH) backgrounds in Banbury to develop positive narratives of identity and belonging for a British Muslim today. We will provide after school sessions in partnership with The Oxford Foundation to provide leadership training, develop ideas on identity and belonging through open debate framed in an inclusive view of Islam. Young people will make a video about their value, beliefs and culture and organise a seminar with local schools to share the video to support inclusion and build more resilient communities.

This project helps increase a sense of belonging and civic participation at the local level. To our knowledge there are no other projects or initiatives except ours that provide this activity.

The group offers a safe space for boys to relax, socialise, and talk about any issues they may have.

Boys Youth Group Timetable